Top 10 Terms to Know When Manifesting

LOA- Law of Attraction-

The Law of Attraction is a concept that when we change our internal energy we attract the same energy. So by changing our mindset we change our lives.

NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming-

Neuro Linguistic Programming is taking different forms of communication and senses in our life and changing how we use them. By bringing awareness to our behavior patterns, where they stem from and how they are either assisting us to reach our goals or keeping us from them, we are then able to make necessary changes where needed.


Grounding is all about connecting to the earth. Going back to more primal instincts and feeling your innate power. Once we simplify things down to our basics we are able to start feeling, healing and understanding at an easier and deeper level.


When people talk about raising their vibration they are referring to there spiritual energy. The higher or lower refers to how good you're feeling or how connected you are feeling to yourself.


Manifesting is a term that refers to a feeling, thought, belief or emotion that becomes a reality.


Alchemy is about the study of herbology, meditation and chakral development. Thought of as a magical transformation of materials.


A mantra is a statement repeated frequently. Usually used in meditation.

(ex. I am worthy)


Very similar to a mantra, but can be used in any situation. A positive statement that can be used to help during difficult times.


This is such a powerful tool. Take an image of what you want your life to be, or a goal you have, anything you can think of. Then take that vision and truly sit with it. The more we make our visions a daily routine, the more likely they are to happen.


One of my favorites, meditation. This is when you get quiet, make yourself comfortable, slow you breath, pick a mantra. Let thoughts come, then release them. The practice of meditating even 5 minutes a day can bring more peace to your life, less stress and even help with physical ailments.