Top 3 things I have manifested

Learning about Law of Attraction and manifesting has totally CHANGED my life. It's like opening a door to a magical side of yourself and the world that you didn't know about before.

In the past 2.5 years I have manifested some amazing things in my life and I don't plan on stopping.


I have been looking forward to having my own place for years. Since I had my son at a young age I stayed with my mom while I finished school and saved money. I then moved in with a boyfriend. When that relationship ended, as upset as I was at the time, I was excited to be able to create our own space. Within 4 MONTHS of moving out of the house we shared I had found the perfect apartment, close to my son's school, friends, family and my job. I also got to decorate it exactly how I wanted. Creating my own safe space has been a highlight of my 20's.


There is a company in my area that I had realized was where I needed to be. As a single mom I wanted a job with flexibility, good pay, benefits and to actually feel valued as an employee. I constantly applied for jobs there and made sure to stay consistent. I also told people in my life that I couldn't wait to work there. I have been there about 1.5 years and still feel grateful everyday I get to be at this company.


This is the most recent manifestation in my life, it happened just this April. The beginning of this year I realized I wanted a better and bigger car. I loved the car I had, but it was becoming too small for Carter & I (driving around with a bunch of 9 year old boys takes up a lot of room), most importantly though it wasn't great in the snow and where we live, we are guaranteed snowy winters. I had always had a Nissan (except for my high school car, an Oldsmobile that was as old as I was.) I knew I wanted another one and decided a Rogue would be best, bigger, AWD, great reviews and safety reports. One day I randomly got a flyer in the mail from Nissan stating they would pay a lot more for my current car than what it was worth. I thought it was a gimmick, but I called to check, it wasn't, it was real! I went in a couple days later.....and less than a week after getting that flyer and less than 3 months after stating I am getting a new car, I GOT IT! I still am in awe of the power of the universe and proud of my continual effort to grow and better my life and my son's.

What I am manifesting next:

1. I am making my business my full time job

2. I will find my soulmate

Being able to look back and see what has come into my life, I am so proud and so excited for the magic coming next!

xoxo tessa