1 Month of Coaching


In this Holistic Healing program you get:

  • 12(1 per week) 60 minute Zoom call-Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT) & Neuro-linguistic Programming(NLP) will be used and personalized for each client to deepen healing & teach longterm coping.
  • 6 Distance Reiki Sessions
  • Unlimited Whatsapp access


In this life we are blessed with many moments of happiness and sunshine. But we all also experience times of sadness, anger, heartbreak and darkness. These sessions are for your soul and your heart. You will be welcomed into the session with love and guided to heal and find yourslef at peace again. Weather you are trying to heal from a breakup, a death or a transition in your life, this is for you.



1:1 Holistic Healing Coaching

  • Purchase this 60 minute Life coaching session and I will send you an email within 24 hours to get information and set up the session.